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Resurrection Life Ministries

Resurrection Life Ministry has been raised up by the Holy Spirit to speak Truth to anyone who wants to hear it. The bible says ‘if you seek, you will find. Knock and the door will be opened unto you.’

Through a series of FREE books and FREE leaflets (that you can download from this website), the truths in the bible can be revealed to you, new truths each day from His Word, which can come alive in front of your very eyes.

May we encourage you to test all you hear or read and compare it with an accurate bible e.g. King James, New King James, ideally the Amplified Bible (which amplifies/explains words in their context). This includes our materials. Feel free to contact us ‘in gentleness and respect’ to highlight anything you find that is ambiguous.

(Please note: Some books are arranged to be printed double sided and then folded to make an actual “book shape”. Keep an eye on the page numbers.)

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